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This site provides a lot of information about the Kawasaki Zephyr ZR750, the bike of choice I am riding at the moment, and on some other rides I use, like the Z200, GSX250, and the Toyota Landcruiser FJ40.

For bikers there are some important reference sections, like bike parts lists, microfiche tables, technical specifications, tyre options, maintenance tips, etc.

We have done a lot of bike tours in Java, Bali and beyond, and I hope I can provide some useful information to anyone who wants to do motorcycle tours in Indonesia

The tour stories give you an idea about the highlights, the most interesting locations and the best roads (not only for bikers).

You'll also find tips about how to ride well and I'll soon add a special section on how to ride in Indonesia and survive.

Lots of them through the whole web site. I try to keep page loading times small by using thumbnails on the pages.

The full picture is optimized for the web, and gives you a big, detailed view which opens in a new window.

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I am living in Indonesia for quite some years, and of course I want to promote this country to motorcycle enthusiasts and tourists to consider it for a visit.

I will not repeat the standard descriptions about well covered tourist sites, as you can find them elsewere.

Instead, I want to set some highlights on locations which are of interest both to bikers and to the adventurous tourist as well.

This area links to some live motorsports sites (e.g. BBC) with the latest on SBK, MotoGP, F1 etc.

Also a few links to teams and racers, and some fun stuff. (check out the comics to find out why not to wave at BMW riders ;-)

I visit this page regularly to read the latest copy of Titanic, a German satirical magazine, or to quickly link into BBC.

I invite visitors to participate. Add your comments to the Forum or Guest book.

You can add your web site to the link list, if it is related to the theme of this site.

There is also an ON-LINE SHOP with selected Amazon books and some more stuff.

NEW: a place to stay while in Bali.


About me and the history of this site

I am a software developer, born in Germany and living and working in Indonesia. For me, my motorbike is a great excuse to get away from the PC from time to time. I enjoy both the riding and the maintenance part of it.

Riding a 'big bike' in Indonesia is somehow special and more complicated than in other parts of the world because until recently only motorbikes with a capacity of less than 250cc were 'street-legal'. Today, you still can find only a few thousand big bike users all over this country which has more than 220 million inhabitants. Of course, there is no way to drive down the road to your next Kawa dealer, if you need spareparts or help with repairs. You'll have to get your hands dirty, and you have to 'network' with other bikers to share know how, spare parts and ressources.

I decided to set up this site to contribute to the information network for motorcycle riders by providing information on the Zephyr (there isn't much on the web) and to share my touring experiences with anyone who plans to visit Indonesia. After living almost two decades in the country I can ensure you that discovering Indonesia on a bike is the best way to do it.



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Disclaimer: any tips and information provided on this site are for your information and fun only! It is completely your own responsibility what you do, how and where you drive, and how you maintain your bike.